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Etting fat,but on her face there was a unconcealable pleasure of conceiving a baby.My cousin told me that he"ll educate his child in a severe way,with a future father"s matureness.I"m happy for them.:)

Yesterday,our research school"s soccer team had a match with the graduate studentsfr0mthe department of international business.It was almost a close game in the first half,but we seemed lacking of vigor in the second half,so,we lost the game.

  Half of the National Day holidays have passed by...life still goes with good and bad times.

Cool wind, clear sky, the fragrance in the flower season, here, I am proud of the motherland, said: I love you, China!

Ah! Yellow River Yangtze, Pentium thousands of miles, how you nurture a glorious nation! Five thousand years of glorious history, renowned in the world of Chinese civilization, can be stunning. Oh, mother, trickling flow of the river is always flowing your long hair, a long long mountain is the backbone of your tough. Fill the fields as you have the treasure, you have great variety and beauty of the landscape, you have the magnificent Forbidden City, you have the Great Wall stretching , even if we have through the ages, Wang has . You have many, many. . . . . . In your vast land, generation after generation of Chinese people with their own hands have created the splendid oriental civilization.

However, we will not forget that the Chinese have several years, after the suffering of our motherland have much bullying and insults.

sons and daughters of China opened a prelude to invasion. The banner of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Reform Movement of the thunder, Yihetuan Tenodera fighters, Revolution of the guns, all to the whole world that: the Chinese nation can not insult the Chinese people is not to be bullied. Scream 54 Movement, the establishment of the Communist Party of China, more like thunder across the night sky. From Nanchang to Jinggangshan from Yan'an to Xibaipo, "A single spark can start a prairie fire." Chinese people use millet plus rifles simply played a splendid new China, this giant of the East has finally stood up again!

The ups and downs through 56 years, after 54 hard years, we stand tall in the country east of the world. Chinese people are enjoying unprecedented peace and prosperity. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the ship through the waves, head high before!

Students, we have been very strong in China, but must not forget that our great cause of reunification has not yet been completed, the international anti-China forces in the heart of death, I dead, to China's Diaoyu Islands, Japan, mouth-watering, but also must not forget that in 1999 the Embassy of China deep-fried, the blood of our compatriots to tell us: We are also not strong enough.

Difficulties in advance and stimulate the enthusiasm of our will to fight the new millennium, new century, new starting point, we sounded the clarion call for Congress to enter the new clarion call, hundreds of millions of Chinese people are forging ahead toward new goals.

Students, we are the future of the motherland and the nation, we are born in a great era. Students, and efforts to it, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be in our hands to achieve. Motherland, ah, mother! Please be assured that we will not live up to the history of the great trust that the new "Chinese Symphony" will be performed in our hands more brilliant, more brilliant music! Li Dazhao as expected: "Let the righteous years of the Chinese nation in the flames of youth again! Allow China five thousand years of Chinese vigorous national spirit in the flames of youthful regeneration!"










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